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Age0fChaos: Depths of the Past is a story about assassins. After the Great War, assassins became endangered for the information they hold & their ability to kill. Now that peace has been established, these assassin guilds that were once a necessity during the war are now a threat. The assassins fled to the cursed country, Luna, where the climate protected them from their enemies. A young boy named Nemesis is about to go on his journey to become an assassin. Along the way he'll meet friends, fellow assassins-to-be, & face a lot of challenges. What's more is that there are around 25 different kinds of races( & tons of interesting creatures featured in the webcomic( view/read comic: left to right Donations are always appreciated & welcomed! (email UPDATES: EVERY 10 DAYS (OR EVERY 10th, 20th, and 30th OF THE MONTH) Author: Nic Wryte Previous main artist (Chapter 1): Yuishizu Main artist: Leiseflustern(AKA: LF) Secondary artist: Lillian With Constant Guest Artist: Torus

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Format: Race - attribute. Every race is mortal unless indicated immortal and has a limit to his or her abilities and magic (if they have magic).

1. Humans - unique beings possessing a variety of talents and abilities

2. Felidae - beings with feline attributes such as night vision, always landing on their fours (hands and feet), etc. They have feline tails, claws, and ears; some have manes/fur on parts of their body (mostly face, ankles, or wrists).

3. Mastiffs - beings with canidae (dogs, foxes, wolves and such) attributes such as keen sense of smell, canidae running speed, canidae strength, etc. They have canidae tails, sharp non-retractable nails/claws, and canidae heads.

4. Wizards - immortal beings that posses magical powers (depending on how much magic power a wizard possess he/she can be a mage or a wizard). Wizards get weaker if they try to enhance their magical powers with the use of tools.

5. Daemons - unholy winged immortal beings that have a yearning for blood and posses great strength & endurance also they have a demon form. They say that their ancestors were humans who interbred with Scythewielders.

6. Wind Casters - beings that can control the wind (they can also fly and take air away from a certain lace/object for up to 5 minutes)

7. Spellcasters - beings that use spell chants and tools to do their bidding (tools can be staffs, books, talismans, potions, or wands, etc.) Without a tool they can't chant spells but tools can be any item to channel their chant spells.

8. Fire Casters - beings that can control and create fire. They can also turn into flames themselves until dashed with water.

9. Elves - in line with nature, these immortal beings can control plants, posses healing abilities, and talk to animals/creatures. They are characterized by their pointy ears.

10. Shadow Casters - controls the dark element, illusions, and dreams (they can also do these from as far as a neighbour country/land mass, as long as they can envision the person and his location)

11. Luminars - immortal holy beings that can control the light element and have white wings for flight. They say their ancestors were part of the gods' army.

12. Pixies - fairylike beings possessing pixie dust which creates blindness or flight depending on the user's will, posses healing abilities, and earth powers (control of land). They are fairy size (as tiny as one's palm) but can change into human size for a period of time (they are all petite - there are no tall pixies).

13. Ice Casters - beings that can control and create ice and can breathe under water

14. Psychics - possess mind reading, teleportation, mind control, and other psychic attributes.

15. Alchemists - can control and create various weapons & metals. They can make parts of their body into various weapons or metals as well.

16. Summoners - connected with the wild, these beings can summon creatures from any place (including different worlds) to do their bidding.

17. Mesmers - beings that can transform into anything they have seen and see. They can also copy some of the skills/abilities of the person they transformed into but only if they've seen and know these skills/abilities. Skilled ones can transform into images they picture in their mind but only few can do such.

18. Water Casters - beings that can control and create water. They cannot be on land for long cause the lower part of their body is of a fish's tail. They also possess gills instead of lungs for breathing. They are the fastest swimmers.

19. Leaf Casters - beings that can control and create plants. They can also regenerate their magic from the sun but they can't do anything else while regenerating.

20. Earth Casters - beings that can control and create the earth/land. They can turn into any form of land until they are attacked.

21. Surge Casters - beings that can control and create surges of electricity. They get more juiced up/powerful if jolted but only for a limited time.

22. Bredaerials - beings with bird attributes such as flight, eagle sight, etc. They have feathered wings; possess a separate air sac aside from their lungs, and females lay eggs when reproducing.

23. Lunares - Thought to be an extinct and destroyed race, they have repopulated. They have the power of the moon and are characterized by a gem on their foreheads. They have blue skin, though they can turn humanoid for a limited time. They say their ancestors were the gods' chosen people thus their race never really died but flourished after the Great War.

24. Halflings - half races. For example if a being is half Felidae and half Spellcaster then the being is a Halfling. This term is rarely used though, unless in discrimination or in some textbooks and old documents.

Extinct Races: (races no longer existing due to them being wiped out during the Great War)

1. Elders - the four gods who created the world, though they and the Scythewielders no longer exist after the Great War. They say they have left their army known as Luminars to guide the world in the way of the light. They are the strongest race but cannot meddle with one's free will.

2. Scythewielders - an extinct race. They say some have interbred with humans to create demons thus this race is also known as the ancestral race of demons. They were a pure evil army that lived off the darkness/dark thoughts and deeds of other races. They also could determine the death of a certain being though this can be hindered depending on how much the being fights back

Non-birth Races: (one can't be born into these races)
Format: Race - attribute. Is mortal unless indicated immortal and has a limit to his or her abilities and magic (if they have magic).

1. Dark Spirits - restless souls that possess dark magic and are already dead

2. Dragoncasters - though this is not a "birth race," this is the term used for those who chosen to be imparted with dragon powers. Dragons are one of the strongest creatures known. They will posses powers such as having one's skin being as strong as a dragon's scales (which are as hard as diamond), communication with all dragon species, eagle sight, flight, supernatural strength and endurance, also breathing fire.

3. Dark Wizards - though this is not a "birth race," this is the term used for wizards that are possessed by their powers and become evil.

4. Cyborgs - though this is not a "birth race," this is the term used for mechanically enhanced humans.

5. Demigods - though this is not a "birth race," this is the term used for fallen Luminars. They are the descendants of Luminars who have sinned or defied the "Holy Laws".